12 people who their family members for a good laugh
Isn't family supposed to be more supportive than this?

You can’t pick your family. And sometimes you get saddled with some pretty sarcastic people.

Of course, that can be a blessing in many ways. But we’d really like to know what these 12 people thought about it:

1. Welcome home

Ever want to punch your little brother before?

Here we have another supportive family member. This person just got out of rehab. He was welcomed home with a sign.

2. The worst

My friend made these for her kids

These look like cake pops. But this mom doesn’t like her kids eating too many sweets. So, she covered some Brussels sprouts in chocolate.

3. The greatest day of their lives

My sister just got married, she asked me to save her a newspaper from her wedding day.

His sister just got married. She asked him to save her a newspaper from the day of her wedding. So, he did.

4. A Merry Christmas you have

This guy was at his girlfriend’s mom’s house for the holidays. So, he added Yoda to the Nativity. It’s been eight days and no one noticed.

5. Like sleeping on a cloud

Fell asleep dad pranked and got a funny pic

You have to be very careful about taking naps in this family. You could end up tee-peed. Like this poor soul.

6. Scared of spiders?

Best spider prank ever

Are you scared of spiders? Well, you better hope your family doesn’t know it. They might try this prank out on you.

7. Fast asleep

This sibling had to share a room with her little sister. So, she got bread faced. Then bread towered.

My sister definitely going to hate me for this. [FB]

You can’t go spouting out deep thoughts on the internet when you have siblings. They’ll just make fun of you every time. Or make it about them.

10. In summary

11. Gone to the fishes

Reddit - u/TopShelfBrand1134
Reddit - u/TopShelfBrand1134

Siblings never know when to let up. Not even on special occasions. That’s how this lady ended up with a dead fish as a birthday cake.

This husband found his wife’s book. He thought he would help her with it. So, he wrote her a summary.

12. Don’t leave your phone alone

What my brother does with my phone

You can never leave your phone unattended when your siblings are around. This brother took it upon himself to make new wallpaper on their sibling’s phone. So, freaking funny.


Well, that’s what family is for, right? Or do you have one of those nice, classy families?

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