Baby Boomers are the only ones who will pass this quiz with flying colors
"Cell phones weren't necessary when I was growing up, and we did just fine."
Jenà Lowe

Growing up in the 1950s was not always fun and games, but boy did we have some some good times! Whether at home with family, inviting neighbors out to play or heading off on some adventure, we felt fairly free to enjoy simply being a kid.

foundin_a_attic - Flickr
foundin_a_attic - Flickr

Hula hoops and soda fountains

From sideburns and poodle skirts to hula hoops and soda fountains Boomers will tell you it was a fun time to be a kid.Just being able to ride your bike around the neighborhood without a care is something that kids today would love about that time.


But the fun didn’t stop there. True Boomers will remember the items in the quiz below.

Even in poodle skirts and high-waisted outfits everyone stepped out looking their very best. Grooming was very serious and even taught in some schools. We still showed off our individual style no matter the occasion.

Growing up in the 1950s - YouTube Screenshot
Growing up in the 1950s - YouTube Screenshot

Quiz Yourself, Then Test Your Family and Friends

We believe only Baby Boomers will remember everything from this quiz, but if nothing else, it will be a good time going down memory lane. Test your knowledge then share it with your fellow boomers or test the kids with it to see how much they know!


Take the Baby Boomer Quiz!

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A Boomer’s parents most likely made them eat ______.


2 / 10

What was missing from cars that Boomers would remember?


3 / 10

You weren’t in fashion without a ____ on your bike.

4 / 10

What came on after your daily shows ended on television?

5 / 10

Which one of these was the most popular 50s character?

6 / 10

Where did Boomers get their milk from?

7 / 10

It’s time to watch a movie. Where did Boomers head to?

8 / 10

It was forbidden to _______ on television


9 / 10

Boomer's remember the talking doll  ____.

10 / 10

You'd find women in the 1950s leaving the house to shop ______.

Your score is

The average score is 83%


Did you pass the quiz? SHARE this with your friends and family and see if they will too. Then watch the home video below to see the incredible outfits caught on camera in a 1950s school dance home video.


Take a look at this video of a school dance in 1958 for more fun memories.

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By Jenà Lowe
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