Cops surprise mom of twins with gift instead of writing her ticket

October 9th, 2019

A mother of twins found herself in hot water after three police officers from the Savannah Police Department pulled her over for a missing license plate. However, that was only the beginning of the story.

According to the post published on the Savannah Police Dept. official Facebook page, the officers discovered that two 1-year-old twins in the backseat were not properly restrained nor had any harnesses installed.

We all know that in most cases, the officers would have simply written a ticket but this story has a strange twist. Instead of adhering to the letter of the law, the three officers listened to the mother’s story which they later shared on social media.

In a Facebook post, they said that:

“The mother was only 21 years old and had her original vehicle stolen recently, hence the no license plate. She had also just started a new job.”

What happened next attracted big attention on social media. The three law enforcers decided to help the mother of the twins and sent one of them, Cpl. Bland, to buy two new seats for the twins. Officers Neumann and Daniels stayed with mom and her twins and played with the toddlers while their colleague was away. It resulted in a new friendship being born between officer Neumann and one of the twins.

“I kind of leaned down next to a little boy. He just turned right to me and wanted to be picked up,” officer Neumann later told ABC News. “And that was it — we were just best friends after that. He didn’t want to be let down.”

The encounter with law enforcement that could have ended up badly for mom turned out to be quite the opposite: she got new cars seats for her twins, but more importantly, learned that there are police officers out there who are truly committed to helping and protecting people.

Officer’s Neumann’s wife shared the story initially on Facebook and wrote that she’s proud of her husband:

“This dad to be melts my heart. He helped this little boy’s mama get a new car seat and was obsessed with him! He said this is my new friend I can’t wait to see how he is with Addy so proud of him.”

Kelsey also pointed out that her husband and his colleagues love to help kids all the time. “I didn’t expect anything less from them,” she told ABC News.

She and her husband are expecting their first child and the officer’s act only showed what a great dad he will make.

“With the way some attitudes are toward police, those interactions are really priceless,” said Savannah Police spokeswoman, Bianca Johnson.

Too often we hear the stories of the police mistreating people but officer Neumann and his colleagues demonstrate that law enforcers can be both kind and understanding. We hope that the story will help restore trust between the people and officers.

Officer Neumann was named Officer of the Year, while his colleagues Cpl. Bland and APO Daniels, both received special recognition certificates for their outstanding contributions to the Savannah Police department.

If only there were more people like officer Neumann and his colleagues, the world would be a much happier place.

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Source: The Western Journal

Source: Savannah Police Department