High school football player saves woman by lifting 3,000 lb car

October 9th, 2019

We’ve all been in situations that we never would have imagined to find ourselves in. Most of these moments call for us to go into “fight or flight” mode.

You know, the ones that give you a story to tell and others question its authenticity.

For 16-year-old, Zac Clark, he’s experienced such a moment at a young age and has several news outlets to corroborate his story.

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WJW Cleveland Source: WJW Cleveland

It began as a typical Saturday in Butler, Ohio. Zac was helping his mother outside in her garden.

Suddenly, they heard their neighbor screaming for help.

His mother, Lora, recalls the incident.

“I was like, ‘Zac, they’re calling for help.’ And without hesitation, he darted.”

Zac sprinted to his neighbor’s house. What he discovered was a life and death scenario.

His neighbor’s 39-year-old husband was pinned down by their 3000lb Volkswagen Passat.

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WJW Cleveland Source: WJW Cleveland

The man usually uses braces as an extra precaution but didn’t on this particular day. Therefore, the jack that was lifting the car slipped and landed directly unto him.

The bumper was crushing his ribs and another part of the car was on his face. His thrashing legs were the only part of his body that was visible.

Lora immediately realized the severity of the situation.

“Thinking to myself, ‘this isn’t a good outcome.'”

But Zac wasn’t going to stand around helplessly. He jumped right into action.

Without hesitation, Zac gripped the 3000lb car and began to lift it.

“I just got my forearms underneath it and just lifted,” Zac recounts.

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WJW Cleveland Source: WJW Cleveland

Zac was able to lift it high enough for his mom and the man’s wife to get him out from under the car.

The man was then rushed to the hospital. He survived but not without significant injuries.

Zac told WJW, “He had a couple of cracked ribs and his face was messed up pretty bad, but the doctors told him if I wasn’t there then he’d be dead.”

Lora is very proud of her son and is happy to see that he is taking the life lessons that his parents taught him to heart.

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Lora Clark Source: Lora Clark

“My husband and I raised our boys to be kind to one another and if you can help, then to help.”

Zac called up his football coach, Dave Carroll, after the incident.

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WJW Cleveland Source: WJW Cleveland

Carroll says he isn’t the least bit surprised at how Zac handled the situation.

“…it doesn’t surprise me that he did this. He has such a huge heart.”

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WJW Cleveland Source: WJW Cleveland

Carroll shared that Zac has been through tragedy before. His father passed away just last summer.

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Rod Clark Source: Rod Clark

Zac believes that his father played a role in his heroic actions by giving him the strength to lift the car. He also says that he wanted to make sure his neighbor could live to be there for his family.

“I wanted to be able to save him. Let him be with his family.”

Lora agrees.

“He definitely had angels with him,” she says.

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Source: WJW Cleveland