McDonald’s is saving honey bees in Sweden using billboards

October 9th, 2019

McDonald’s is saving honey bees in Sweden by turning roadside billboards into little hotels

Sweden, on the whole, is recognizing the importance of the bees, and some large entities like McDonald’s are taking a direct approach to doing something about it.

Turning Billboards into Bee Hotels

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There is a lot of unused space on the back of billboards, and this may be an ideal location for bees to set up their hives. At least this is what some are thinking in Sweden.

The Installations of Bee Habitats

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These are being installed on the back of billboards. And so far, six have been installed. The success of these will be monitored closely. If the results are favorable, then there are plans for more installations

The Hopes

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It is the hope that this project will be such a success that the habitats will house thousands of bees, allowing their population to grow. If it does, then it is a concept that could grow worldwide. Just think about the number of billboards there are and what better place to house the bees to keep them safe.

Mc’Hives Now Open For Business

It is obvious that some of the McDonald franchises in Sweden are recognizing the importance of honey bees.

A Step In The Right Direction

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McDonald’s in Sweden has partnered up with a marketing firm to create an awareness project concerning the bees.

BeeHive Stores

The partnership has had miniature replicas of McDonald’s stores that serve as bee hives. It is a fully functioning beehive. They are built to scale, and they have the McDonald’s sign on the mini storefront. They even have a drive-through as well as patio seating. They can be placed on the rooftops of the participating McDonald’s stores to provide a safe environment for the bees.

The Beginning

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The pilot program was launched with one store in Sweden, which has quickly expanded to five throughout the country.


Apparently, there is a lot of enthusiasm for this project among many of the McDonald’s franchise owners in the country.

The Auction

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How Important Is This?

The importance of sustaining the bees should be something that is recognized around the world. There are some startling statistics that if everyone became aware of they may appreciate these small insects all the more.

The honey bees are responsible for 80% of pollination.


Out of the top one hundred human food crops, 70% of them provide the world’s nutrition. They are pollinated by bees

The Damage is Being Done

Too many pesticides have been used too freely, and this, combined with climate change has endangered the bee population.

A Bleak Future

If something is done to sustain the bees, the future is bleak for the world in general.

Plants that are pollinated by bees would suffer greatly. Many of those plants produce food that is consumed by humans.

There are many animals whose survival depends on certain plants. Without the pollination of the bees, these plants will become extinct, and so will the animals that count on them.

The next time a honey bee is aggravating you, perhaps you may want to re-think this and consider just how much of an impact this tiny insect has on your life.

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