Seniors take a stab at latest dance challenge & internet loving their moves

October 29th, 2019

Spry seniors delight in demonstrating that they’ve still got it. And younger people love watching them on social media!

One comical YouTube video shows how Grandma makes delicious grilled cheese sandwiches using an iron and aluminum foil. Who knew?

In a friendly competition between senior citizens and high school seniors captured in a video shared on YouTube, the elderly team emerged victoriously in a battle of the minds.

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YouTube/AllSeniorsCare Living Centres Source: YouTube/AllSeniorsCare Living Centres

Another funny YouTube video portrays senior citizens attempting to use an Amazon Echo. While technology can be confounding, we can all relate somewhat to their antics.

Some videos are more serious, as in when seniors shared pivotal moments in their lives and extended advice to younger generations. Others are heartfelt and resonate with the rest of us.

An adorable video circulating features senior residents of McCarthy Place, which is part of the All Seniors Care Living Center in Canada. There, the seniors are strongly encouraged to be as active as possible, competing against one another in Wii bowling, in dance-offs and in other ways that keep them moving.

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YouTube/AllSeniorsCare LivingCentres Source: YouTube/AllSeniorsCare LivingCentres

So when the wildly popular song “The Git Up” by Blanco Brown emerged this year and quickly skyrocketed to the top of the music charts, everyone everywhere began showing off how good they were at The Git Up Challenge.

Brown, a singer, songwriter and producer, encouraged people to perform his fun line dance and share on social media and elsewhere in a friendly competition. The seniors at McCarthy Place wanted to join in the fun, too.

Even though Brown performed his fun and funky line dance in a dark parking lot of a trailer park for his dance challenge video, the senior residents at McCarthy Place danced all around their residence.

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YouTube/AllSeniorsCare LivingCentres Source: YouTube/AllSeniorsCare LivingCentres

As the song and dance challenge begins, an adorable woman attached to an oxygen machine begins boogying while sitting in the hallway. Other characters are portrayed dancing along, including a husband and wife who share a quick smooch to the lyrics “Grab your loved ones or grab your love partner.”

Two men show off their smooth dance moves while another man twirls his dance partner. Another guy has some very fancy hip hop-like moves going on.

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YouTube/AllSeniorsCare LivingCentres Source: YouTube/AllSeniorsCare LivingCentres

An adorable group of residents lounging in a room sip from their coffee cups to the lyrics, “Gon’ throw down, take a sip with it.” Another group executes the perfect steps to the following lyrics:

“To the left, to the left now (to the left, to the left); To the right to the right (to the right); Now take your left hand and put it on your side (put it on your side).”

Several seniors clutching walkers shake and shimmy to the energizing song and a woman confined to a wheelchair even gets in on the fun with some shoulder moves.

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YouTube/AllSeniorsCare LivingCentre Source: YouTube/AllSeniorsCare LivingCentre

YouTube fans responded favorably to the cute video capturing the spirit of these seniors.

“This was adorable! Thank you for sharing.”

“Awesome sauce! Y’all rock!”

Watch these peppy seniors participate in The Git Up Challenge as best they can with big grins spreading across their face. They are the cutest ever!

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Source: YouTube/AllSeniorsCare LivingCentres