If you pass this quiz, you’re a true Boomer
I got them all, but my sister missed 3!
Jenà Lowe

It was a different time, but Baby Boomers have all the stories to share! Rock-n-roll made it’s way onto the popular scene with acts like Elvis, Patsy Cline and Sara Vaughn taking over. It’s no wonder the era is known as a “boom!” Rock-n-roll became a culture.

Flickr - Dave Conner
Flickr - Dave Conner

Those were good times. And while the teens were rockin’ and rollin’ the youngsters rode their bikes to the neighbor’s without a care in the world!


This amazing home video gives a quick glimpse into school dances, with “high fashion” and slick moves to boot. Grab the kids and show them what it was really like before you take the quiz to see if you’re a true Boomer!


Quiz Yourself, Then Test Your Family and Friends

We believe only Baby Boomers will remember everything from this quiz, but if nothing else, it will be a good time going down memory lane. Test your knowledge then share it with your fellow boomers or test the kids with it to see how much they know!


Take the Baby Boomer Quiz!

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A Boomer’s parents most likely made them eat ______.


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What was missing from cars that Boomers would remember?


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You weren’t in fashion without a ____ on your bike.

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What came on after your daily shows ended on television?

5 / 10

Which one of these was the most popular 50s character?

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Where did Boomers get their milk from?

7 / 10

It’s time to watch a movie. Where did Boomers head to?

8 / 10

It was forbidden to _______ on television


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Boomer's remember the talking doll  ____.

10 / 10

You'd find women in the 1950s leaving the house to shop ______.

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The average score is 83%


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By Jenà Lowe
Jenà Lowe is a contributor at SBLY Media.