Andrea Bocelli And Sarah Brightman Sing Heavenly Duet

February 11th, 2021

Con Te Partir√≥ means “With you I shall leave” in Italian.

It is also known by the name “Time to Say Goodbye”. The music of the song was written by Francesco Sartori while the lyrics were from Lucio Quarantotto. But it was perhaps the first singer of the song who truly brought it fame.

The name of this song may not ring many bells for some people, but the melody definitely will.

SILENT NIGHT: A CHRISTMAS PRAYERWatch again the full live performance: https://fb.watch/2u0YTZ76xb/

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Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli released his recording of the song for his album “Bocelli” before it was released under its English name the following year.

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Andrea Bocelli is the king of modern opera singing.

Bocelli was diagnosed early on in his life with congenital glaucoma, and then suffered a head injury at the age of twelve where he lost his sight completely.

He then began to develop his musical talent with the encouragement of his parents.

Andrea began emulating the voices of his favorite singers until eventually, his own powerful voice took center stage. Then he took over the world.

Credere significa riconoscere il bivio che ogni giorno la vita propone, davanti ad ogni nostra decisione. Credere…

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One amazing rendition of the song is that featuring another star-bright English singer, Sarah Brightman.

Between Andrea’s presence and Sarah’s angelic voice, their duet of the song is a star-studded extravaganza.

It’s not so much clash of the titans as it is a match made in heaven. And boy, did heaven listen that night.

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So when Andrea and Sarah recorded their duet version, it topped the charts all over Europe.

Sarah Brightman is known for her roles in Cats and Phantom of the Opera. She was married to Andrew Lloyd Webber, the writer of those musicals, so that makes a lot of sense!

After this success (and subsequent divorce from Lloyd Webber), she has been forging a strong solo career and been singing up a storm.

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The pair performed their duet on one notable occasion in Teatro Del Silenzio, Italy.

Lucky those who witnessed the fantastic singing that night! Sarah’s sweet and delicate voice starts it off.

She has world-class control of her smooth and silky tone. And to sing with a legend is no easy feat! Brightman brings her very best and it is impressive!

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Andrea joins in and it’s clear to see why Celine Dion called it “God’s singing voice”.

Andrea sends shivers down your spine when he sings. He’s been known to do that time and time again.

His warm and powerful voice fills the air with honey-rich music, and if you weren’t sure that he is born to be singing this song, you will be after watching him sing “Time to Say Goodbye”.

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Andrea’s early life may have deprived him of his eyesight, but when you can live in a world of music like he does, that’s a miracle.

They begin singing together and the song reaches all new heights. Their voices blend in such a way that they sound greater than the sum of their vocal parts.

That phrase, “match made in heaven” must have been made for this moment!

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Watch the video below to enjoy this match made in Italy!

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